“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

Workplace Conflicts

     Helping a business during a conflict can be very delicate as a lot variables need to be taken into consideration. when working we businesses during a conflict, we take time first and foremost to understand your business. We do not believe in a blanket answer nor using the same strategy used for other businesses even if it is within the same industry as businesses operates differently and can have different structures. In consequence, once we study your business and its culture, we dissect the conflict and identify its root. one the root has been identified, we formulate a strategy and solutions according to the dynamic of the conflict while aligning the solution with the culture of the company. At times the culture might need adjusting to the current environment. Therefore, we provide guidance according to your culture and your vision as a lingering negative conflict can easily altered your vision and corrupt your employees which in turn will decrease productivity and a possible lost of revenue.
Tri Impact helps you move forward and resolve your conflict and help avoid similar conflicts in the future.

Once the conflict is resolved, we take time to educate management as well as employees in order to promote a healthy and peaceful workplace.
It is always best to prevent a conflict than resolving, therefore we work with a lot businesses providing seminar and training on conflict resolution and help improve communication skills as well develop the ability to better understand and comprehend others.

Each training and seminar are specific tailored to the organization needs and culture.
We help you move forward so you can focus on running your organization and focus on your vision while we help resolve the ongoing and prevent future conflicts.

Some of the trainings we offer:
Understanding culture
Emotional intelligence
Understanding anatomy of a conflict
Employees' training
Communication skills
Role play
conflict management training


Community Conflicts
In today's world, it s important to have an understanding of different community as well as understanding cultures. unlike in the past, today's society is very multi-cultural as you have some many culture and community living together. This mix can easily trigger conflict within communities due to misunderstanding and a lack or understanding about others. As humans being, we sometimes tend to see others through ill-formed opinions as well as deep mis-education coupled with stereotype which in return creates uneasiness and quickness of judgment. 
When we help a community resolve conflicts, we take the time to understand the dynamic and the cultures involved. Once we identify all parties of the conflict, we careful see dissect the conflict and see it the way each party might see it according to their cultures and customs. Once completed, we educate all parties on the different cultures and community involved as well religious believes. 
We help you move forward by eliminating the ill-conceived thoughts that might have been the cause of the conflict. Once achieve and the malaise has been eradicated, we then proceed to provide all necessary tools and knowledge to prevent such conflict from happening in the future.
We educate the community on the different cultures involved as well religious group within that community. 
We believe  that a strong community helps makes the world better, therefore we strive to improve each community we work with.

Below are some of the topics we discuss​​
  • Culturale knowledge
  • Change of perceptions
  • Religious understanding
  • Community engagements
  • How to embrace changes
  • Understanding different genrations
  • And more

Personal Conflicts

Unlike common beliefs, a conflict  begins with just one person. In fact, a  conflict begins with change. Change is the catalyst for the beginning of a conflict.​
Once the assumed needed changes are proposed or take place, resistance begins. Hence a conflict has been given life.
When Tri Impact comes into a hostile situation, we first dissect and go to the root of the conflict in order to provide the appropriate course of action and advise in order need to resolve the conflict.
individuals do not think alike, therefore there is a need to better understand the nature of the conflict among individuals.
Prior to providing guidance, we assess each individual’s preferred way of communicating in order to maximize communication and to avoid misunderstanding. Once we identify the proper ways of communication, we delve deeper into the conflict and provide proper guidance. We provide you the tools and knowledge to help you move forward

Inner Conflicts

At times a conflict can just be within oneself due to one's beliefs. One might find him/herself at odd with society and his/her beliefs and the desire to reconcile those differences. As easy as it sounds, it is in fact difficult as the desire to comform with the community is important but also
the need to remain true to one's self is also important. 
We take an approach encomapssing the environment you are in as well as your beliefs. We do not attempt to take you out of either but rather make a carreful assessment of the sistuation and provide guidance and advise accordingly 

to help you move forward with your inner conflict.
We take time to get to know you, and learn about your habits as well as the elements tha taffect you and trigger an emotion wihtin you whether happiness, saddness or indifference. Once we better understnad you, we carefully dissect the inner conflict in order to locate the source. Once the source is located, we then proceed to provide guidance accordingly. Each guidance provided is specifically given just for you,
we do not believe in blanket guidance as each of us is unique.