“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” 
Mahatma Gandhi
About Tri Impact
     A true passion for peace and an enjoyment to resolve conflict lead me to start Tri impact. In fact, prior to starting Tri Impact I had been helping businesses as well as individuals resolving conflicts however I did not realize I was being involved in conflict resolution. One day, while travelling to Brussels, I sat next to a wonderful lady who works for the State department and was part of the Iran nuclear negotiation at the time. While conversing with her, I expressed my interest in conflict resolution and little did I know, she started quizzing my knowledge and abilities. At the end of the flight she advised me to start as my services are much needed, she provided me encouragement and validated my knowledge of the topic. After this meeting, when I returned to the US, I founded Tri Impact.

   Even though I have been providing guidance and advise to company and individuals alike for the past 10 years, Tri impact has been officially formed and working with businesses and individuals since 2013. 

     I founded Tri impact out of a sincere love and desire to help individuals and businesses resolve and minimize conflicts. Given my international background and the fact that have been fortunate to be part of many communities, I have realized that most of our conflicts come from ignorance, stereotype, miscommunication, misinformation Ill thoughts and assumptions.  

      When we approach a conflict, we look at it from multiple angles prior to bringing recommendations. We believe that we need to constantly change our angles in order to have a better assessment of the situation. As we all know a picture taken from different angles can give us a better understanding of the subject being pictured compared to just one angle used for the same subject. 

    We truly believe in educating our clients in order to help them embrace the various angles offered in any situation as well as providing the proper knowledge to reduce and eradicate stereotypes, miscommunication, assumptions fears and other variables that affect us negatively and intensify any situation that might escalate into a conflict.

    Our slogan: " Helping you move forward", came from an actual consultation we had with a client who was distraught and could not seem to find a way to resolve the conflict and was engulfed into it. He ask us to help him move forward and at moment, We told him: " We will help you move forward". Once the conflict was resolved, he said:" you helped me move forward". 
We dont decide for you but provide guidance to help you move forward.
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