“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” 
Mahatma Gandhi
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"When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion."
 Dale Carnegie



Conflicts can be beneficial to any type of or organization as well as individuals. Since conflicts are unavoidable, our trainings are designed to help deal with conflicts when they happen and to help prevent them as well.
Each training is customize to your needs as needs vary from one organization to the next.  Each training provides individual and organization the necessary tools to be able to look at a problem from different angles in order to better assess the situation.  Most conflicts come from a need for changes and the inability to properly communicate them. Therefore, During our trainings session, we focus on proper ways to communicate in order to minimize conflicts and prevent an escalation.​​​​​

Each seminar is designed for its specific audience.
Whether we are having the seminar at a school, a business, a religious organization, we provide relatable information to our audience. We do not believe in a generic seminar as there is point to provide a message that is not properly received by the participants.​​

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​Some of the topics discussed
Communication skills
Identify a problem from the beginning
People' skills
Management trainings
Conflicts prevention
Isolating a conflicts
Resolving a conflict

Article of the Month

Conflict during a trip

I traveled to Abidjan to visit my family for Ramadan. The daily prayers were said at the Mosque. While there, I started to engage with the youth and the community to learn of ways to help and contribute to the growth while there. I was delighted to have had people happy to provide guidance and present ways that could be used to help the community. Once specific issue came to my attention. A business group serving alcohol within 5 meters of the Mosque. Both entities appeared to dislike each other as the bar owners disliked being seen as negative influences and the people going to the mosque felt very uneasy

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  1. Managing Director
Each month, we provide various tips to help resolve and avoid conflicts.
Feel free to apply them and assess the results
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Tips of the Month

Sun Tzu said in the art of war that the best way to win war is to avoid it. Following that philosophy, we understand that an argument could be harmful to all parties involved. Sometimes, the wounds caused by the argument heal hardly or even do not heal at all. Therefore, it is very important to learn certain small but yet effective techniques to minimize the impact of an argument.​​​​
1) Avoid arguing.​​

2) Treat the other person with respect while arguing. Refrain from using harsh words or word that will belittle others.

3) Admit one’s mistake and move swiftly to correct it.

4) Start and finish on a friendly note.

5) Entice the other person to say yes and yes and be in agreement with your ideas.

6) Be subtle and make the other person feel that the idea is his/hers.

7) See the situation in the other person’ eyes

8) Use different angles in coming with solutions.

9) Do not be blindsided

10) Even if you might think that your ideas are superior, be sympathetic and caring of the other person’ ideas.

11) Speak humbly.

12) Be unassuming, be very unassuming.

13) Use appealing ways and strategies.